Jack J. Sophir Lifetime Achievement Award

At our August Chapter Meeting on the Sunday the 14th, past Pathfinder Chapter leader David Gentle was presented with the Jack J. Sophir Lifetime Achievement Award, becoming only the 10th in Chapter history. You can read his bio below.

David Gentle has left a tremendous legacy of leadership and service in both Pathfinder Chapter and Shawnee Lodge. David was elected into the Order of the Arrow in 2001. He was recognized with the Jack J. Sophir Arrowman of the Year Award in 2004 and then with the Vigil Honor in 2005. As a youth, David served as a Chapter Chairman, Chapter Chief, and as the Shawnee Lodge Chief. He performed on Ceremonial Teams at the Chapter and Lodge level up until his 21st birthday. David also served numerous times as an Elangomat and Camp Promoter, and assisted with countless service projects.  As an adult, David has served as the Chapter Troop Rep Adviser, Camp Promotion Adviser, and as the Chapter Adviser. He has also served as the Shawnee Lodge Vigil Nominations and Officer Nominations Adviser.  David is a humble, servant leader whose actions inspire others and whose passion for the OA motivates others to get involved. Pathfinder Chapter and Shawnee Lodge have both greatly benefitted from David’s leadership and service over the past two decades. It is our pleasure to recognize David Gentle with the Jack J. Sophir Lifetime Achievement Award. 

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