Pay your Annual Dues!

In order to remain an active member in the Shawnee Lodge, members must pay their dues.  The 2021 dues are $10.  Season Passes are not offered this year. To find more information and to pay your dues, check on

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    2020 Founder’s Award

    Congratulations to Tom Luecke on receiving the Founder’s Award! He was recognized on December 20 at the Virtual Lodge Banquet!

    NOAC 2015
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      2021 Vigil Honors

      Congratulations to Alexander Ficken and Elin Asvaldsdottir on receiving the Vigil Honor! They were recognized at the Virtual Lodge Banquet on December 20 in front of the whole Lodge! Learn more on our Vigil Page.

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        Brotherhood Questioning

        Seal your membership into the Order of the Arrow by earning your Bars.  One of the requirements in earning your bars is to complete your Brotherhood Questioning, which simply involves answering several questions about the Order–its background, its mission, its principles, etc..  There are two easy steps to complete the Brotherhood Question requirement:

        1. Review and study the guide found below.
        2. When you are ready, find an officer or the Brotherhood Chairman to help you complete your Questioning.

        Also, don’t forget to write your Statement of Rededication before turning in your Brotherhood card.  Information on writing the statement can be found in the Brotherhood Questioning Study Guide.

        NOTE: This study guide is password protected.  The password is the Admonition.  If you don’t know what the Admonition is, please contact an officer or adviser.

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          Check Out Our Chapter’s Resources!

          Check out the Facebook page: Pathfinder Chapter – Shawnee Lodge 51! And if you text “Follow @PathfinderOA” to the number 40404, you will get notifications from the Chapter Twitter!

          You DO NOT have to have a Twitter to be on the list to get its Tweets sent to your phone!

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