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Thinking about joining a Ceremonial Team?

Interested in joining a Ceremonial Team? Well this section is devoted to you. We have many ways you can join a Ceremonial Team. Come to one of the Ceremonial meetings listed on the calendar, or see one of the
Ceremonialists at the next Chapter Meeting, and we’d be glad to include you.

Ceremonial Teams might do just a bit more than you think. No only do they put on ceremonies at Fall Reunion and Spring Conclave, but they also participate a great deal in the Chapter and Lodge. This is a great way to showcase your talent and find out how good you actually are. There are also large scale competitions that the Lodge attends. One of the largest is the competition at NOAC. Here you can compete for top honors in the ENTIRE NATION! Also, you can compete yearly at the Section Conclave for bragging rights over our great section, Section C-3B. We are always looking for new members, so if you are interested in acting, or an experienced actor, Ceremonial Teams are an excellent way to learn the tricks of this trade. It truly is fun, so come on over to our next team meeting!

For more dates of ritual team meetings and other events, check out the calendar.

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