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Brotherhood Requirements:

  • Be an active member of the Order of the Arrow for at least 10 months.
  • Complete all requirements on the progress card. For a copy of the progress card click here.
  • Be able to answer all the questions in the Brotherhood questionnaire. The questionnaire is offered at both the Spring Conclave and the Fall Reunion each year. The answers to the questions can be found in the Pre-Ordeal and Ordeal Ceremonies. The questions are as follows:
    1. Name the initial honor of the Order of the Arrow.
    2. What are the objectives and purposes of the Order of the Arrow?
    3. What are the four parts of the Ordeal and what are their respective purposes?
    4. Who are the four ceremonial characters and what are their offices and duties?
    5. Repeat the obligation.
    6. What is the legend of our Order? (tell it in your own words)
    7. How and when is the symbol of the Order of the Arrow worn?
    8. Tell what the symbol of the Order is and why it was chosen.
    9. Give the handclasp of the Order. What is the meaning of the handclasp?
    10. How must the admonition of the Order always be given?
    11. What is the admonition?
    12. What is the meaning of the admonition?
    13. Describe and give the hailing sign of the Order.
    14. What is the full name of the Order?
    15. In what language is it given?
    16. What is its meaning in English?
    17. Give the words or sing the song of the Order.
    18. What is the purpose of the Brotherhood membership?
  • Also at the Spring Conclave or the Fall Reunion, after passing the questioning, submit a written statement of rededication regarding one of the following:
    1. How does the Brotherhood Honor affect my duties and responsibilities as a member of the Order of the Arrow?
    2. What new meaning does the word Brotherhood have to me now that I am a candidate for the Brotherhood Honor?
    3. In the future, how can I better serve my friends and Scouts, through brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service?
  • After you pass the questioning and submit your statement of rededication at the Spring Conclave or the Fall Reunion, you will need to pay the fee for the Brotherhood Honor, and then you will need to attend the Brotherhood Ceremony held on Saturday evening at either the Spring Conclave or the Fall Reunion.

Brotherhood Ritual Teams

We are still looking for more people to participate on Brotherhood Teams. If you are interested in joining a Brotherhood Team please contact the Brotherhood Chairmen.
Anyone who signed up for a ritual team at the Fall Reunion and has not yet been contacted about ritual teams, please contact Brotherhood Chairmen.


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