2018 Jack J. Sophir Arrowman of the Year Recipient Bios


Tony Arnold

Tony Arnold has been involved with the order of the arrow since 2014. Tony Arnold inspires all the Scouts in his chapter to become the very best leaders they can be. Tony has served his chapter as a ceremonial team advisor for 2 years. He has helped the ceremonial team better themselves into the team that they are today. He is also seen at many OA functions. He helps out when he can, and is always trying to find a way to increase the efficiency of anything that he does. He has also been to multiple service projects, where he has diligently worked with the scouts and adults to get the projects done to the best quality possible and doing so in a manner that makes it a learning experience and enjoyable for all involved. For his selfless manner and drive to aid scouts, we are proud to award Tony L. Arnold with the Jack J. Sophir award.

Max Wild

Eagle Scout Max Wild exemplifies the values of the Order of the Arrow and Scouting overall. Max has shown outstanding service and leadership to his troop by serving as OA Troop Representative, Troop Guide, Leave No Trace Trainer, Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, and is currently Senior Patrol Leader. As a Brotherhood member of the Pathfinder Chapter of the Order of the Arrow, Max has served as staff at multiple Camporees/Klondikes and is currently serving his second term as Chairman of the Service Committee. His dedication to the Order of the Arrow drives him to serve in the spirit of brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service by committing to causes that serve his community and helps others. Max is always leading by example and modeling what it means to him to be a good Scout and Arrowman — leadership through service and stewardship, and for this enthusiastically award Jack J. Sophir Arrowman of the Year Award.

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