2020 Jack J. Sophir Arrowman of the Year Recipient Bios


(Left to Right) Michael Flynn, David DuBois, Andrew McCandliss

David DuBois

Scouter Dave DuBois was inducted into the Order of The Arrow as a youth. He is an Eagle Scout and his lifelong commitment to the Scouting Program is commendable. As a Scoutmaster, Dave has continually worked with his scouts to reach First Class Rank to be eligible for election into the OA. He regularly attends OA events and encourages his Troop to attend, as well. Under Dave’s leadership and support the Pathfinder Chapter has had numerous scouts from his Troop join the ceremonial team, become Chairmen, and Chapter Officers. Dave is currently the District Camping Chair and continues to support the Chapter at District events. Dave is a Vigil Honor recipient and dedicated member of the Pathfinder OA. We graciously support Dave as a Jack J. Sophir honoree.

Andrew McCandliss

Eagle Scout Andrew McCandliss has been an outstanding member of the Chapter from his induction. He has achieved the brotherhood honor, and is an experienced member of the ceremonial team, serving from when he was inducted in the OA, as well as participating in a winning New Ordeal Ceremonial team during Arrowman Experience. His leadership skill extends beyond the scope of being a long-time ceremonial team member, as he has held the chairman positions for Arrow of Light Crossover and Ordeal as well as the position of second vice chief, currently serving as brotherhood ceremony chair. Andrew McCandliss is an example of the great commitment a scout should have in the OA, and for his service to the Chapter as well as his long-time commitment to the ceremonial team, we gladly present to Andrew McCandliss the Jack J. Sophir Arrowman of the year award.

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