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Elin Asvaldsdottir

Scouter Elin Asvaldsdottir has demonstrated limitless service to the Order of the Arrow and Scouting program. In her chapter, she has served as a long-time Ceremonial Advisor and most recently Associate Chapter Adviser. She is a tremendous advocate and recruiter for her chapter’s ceremonial teams. In her troop, she serves as an Assistant Scoutmaster as well as Scoutmaster to a newly chartered troop. She is always willing and eager to help, and she inspires others to do the same. For her outstanding dedication to her troop and her chapter, we eagerly nominate Elin Asvaldsdottir for the Vigil Honor.

Alexander Ficken

Eagle Scout Alexander Ficken has shown service and dedication through his admirable work in his troop and chapter. He has served his Chapter as the Second Vice Chief and is currently serving as Chapter Secretary. He has also been a vital member on his chapter’s ceremonial teams for countless years. In his own troop, he has served in numerous leadership positions. Additionally, he has served as Campmaster for his district’s winter camporee and has staffed multiple other camporees. For his passion and dedication to the Order of the Arrow and Scouting as a whole, we enthusiastically nominate Alexander D. Ficken for the Vigil Honor.


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