2021 Jack J. Sophir Arrowman of the Year Awards and Lifetime Achievement Award

DeAndre Westbrook

Eagle Scout and Pathfinder Chapter Chief DeAndre Westbrook took to chapter leadership as soon as possible after his induction. When he was eligible for an officer position, he ran for Secretary and continued to serve in the officer positions as secretary for a second term afterwards. He took the responsibility of leading the chapter when it had to be done, a sign of a true leader. DeAndre has dedicated a large amount of time for the chapter, setting an example for the future leaders of Pathfinder in the OA and making the lives of people he works with easier. It is plain to see that he has a strong respect for the responsibility of leading the chapter, and due to DeAndre’s commitment to act on this responsibility and the dedication he shows while doing so, we gladly present to DeAndre Westbrook the Jack J. Sophir Arrowman of the year award.

Patrick Hawkins

Eagle Scout Patrick Hawkins has been a respected member of our chapter for several years. Shortly after when he obtained his Ordeal, he led the program for all of our chapter meetings even leading into the coronavirus pandemic, proving him to be a valuable member of the chapter, working flexibly along with the constant changes that come to our chapter meetings as they are planned. Ever since he joined the ceremonial team, he has been a valuable member by mentoring new ceremonialists, as well as filling in for ceremonies, taking to his role effectively and quickly as he is needed. Because of his great effort as a member of both the ceremonial team and as a key chairman in the chapter, we gladly present to Patrick Hawkins the Jack J. Sophir Arrowman of the year award.

Tom Coscia

Scouter Tom Coscia exemplifies strong dedication to the Order of the Arrow and Scouting. Tom has been an active member in the Pathfinder Chapter for many years and has most recently been serving as the Chapter’s Webmaster Advisor. It is in this advising role that Tom has encouraged a stronger web presence and introduced new aspects to the website. He has also been serving as the Scoutmaster for his troop for 30 years, where he has promoted OA and encouraged his scouts to complete their Ordeal and obtain their Brotherhood. For his cheerfulness and unending devotion to his troop and chapter, we are proud to present Tom Coscia with the Jack J. Sophir Arrowman of the Year Award.

Jack J. Sophir Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: David Gentle

David Gentle has left a tremendous legacy of leadership and service in both Pathfinder Chapter and Shawnee Lodge. David was elected into the Order of the Arrow in 2001. He was recognized with the Jack J. Sophir Arrowman of the Year Award in 2004 and then with the Vigil Honor in 2005. As a youth, David served as a Chapter Chairman, Chapter Chief, and as the Shawnee Lodge Chief. He performed on Ceremonial Teams at the Chapter and Lodge level up until his 21st birthday. David also served numerous times as an Elangomat and Camp Promoter, and assisted with countless service projects.  As an adult, David has served as the Chapter Troop Rep Adviser, Camp Promotion Adviser, and as the Chapter Adviser. He has also served as the Shawnee Lodge Vigil Nominations and Officer Nominations Adviser.  David is a humble, servant leader whose actions inspire others and whose passion for the OA motivates others to get involved. Pathfinder Chapter and Shawnee Lodge have both greatly benefitted from David’s leadership and service over the past two decades. It is our pleasure to recognize David Gentle with the Jack J. Sophir Lifetime Achievement Award.

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