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Winter Fellowship Banquet

When: December 11th at 5:00pm

Where: Frontenac Hilton Hotel, 1335 S Lindbergh Blvd

This is a lodge held event where they announce the new Vigils for each chapter. The pricing is $41 from November 27 through December 11. You cannot purchase tickets at the door. If you bought the season pass, it is included and you do not have to pay. You can purchase tickets here.

Arrowman of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Nominations

Nominations for Jack J. Sophir Arrowman of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Awards will be due no later than Monday, January 2, 2023.  Please email your nominations to Ben King and Joel Schwartz

Nominate for Arrowman of the Year Scouts and Scouters who you believe have given distinguished service directly to the Pathfinder Chapter for at least two years.

Nominate for Lifetime Achievement Scouters who you believe have given a lifetime (minimum of ten years) of achievement and participation in the Order of the Arrow.

Pay your Annual Dues!

In order to remain an active member in the Shawnee Lodge, members must pay their dues.  The 2023 dues are $10.  Season Passes offered this year for $51. This covers admission to the 2023 Spring Conclave, 2023 Fall Reunion, and 2023 Winter Fellowship Banquet. To find more information and to pay your dues, check on

Brotherhood Questioning

Seal your membership into the Order of the Arrow by earning your Bars.  One of the requirements in earning your bars is to complete your Brotherhood Questioning, which simply involves answering several questions about the Order–its background, its mission, its principles, etc..  There are two easy steps to complete the Brotherhood Question requirement:

  1. Review and study the guide found below.
  2. When you are ready, find an officer or the Brotherhood Chairman to help you complete your Questioning.

Also, don’t forget to write your Statement of Rededication before turning in your Brotherhood card.  Information on writing the statement can be found in the Brotherhood Questioning Study Guide.

NOTE: This study guide is password protected.  The password is the Admonition.  If you don’t know what the Admonition is, please contact an officer or adviser.

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